Language Services

Kathrin König is a certified Community Language Interpreter and has successfully completed Translations Training for Community translations. She holds certificates in both French and German. For your language needs please contact the Principal to get Kathrin’s contact info.

Barbara Goldring (an instructor at the school) is offering online personalized German lessons. Please contact the Principal to get Barbara’s contact info.

Resources for at Home Learning

4 Categories – General, Advanced, Beginner, and Younger Ones

The Deutsche Sprachschule Halton would like to reach out and support your German Language Learning by sharing some interesting and fun websites for you to try in the comfort of your home!



General for Advanced and Beginner:



Videos, texts, blogs and audios about current topics

Reading, Listening, Writing (Intermediate A2 to Advanced B1/2)


Goethe Institut/Deutsch Üben:

Mini-Series, Online Practice, Games & Apps

Interactive Website

Reading, Listening, Writing


Blinde Kuh Nachrichten!

Read-Write about/Listen to/Watch news about topics from all around the world!

Interactive Website

On the road with Rahel: Watch videos about Rahel visiting German Cities




News about Germany (click on “Deutsche Sprache” for more links and tips about German learning)



Information and Facts about all sorts of topics like: Germany, Animals, Sports, Technology

Reading, Listening, Interactive Website


Meet The Germans:

What’s typical German?



Das sagt man so! :

German sayings explained! Videos, Texts

Listening, Reading, Interactive Practice

Listening, Reading                           

Topics: STEM

Listening, Reading, Online Quizzes                                  

Online Magazine for German Learners

Listening, Reading, Printable Worksheets cli/eindex.htm

Topics: Music, Soccer Music, topics concerning future developments like Climate & Society

Videos, Podcasts, Worksheets

Topics: Spelling, Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension

printable worksheets


Topics: Vocabulary, Quizzes about Germany

free worksheets upon sign up

Topic: Watch this German Show

After each episode: interactive online learning with vocabulary, grammar and German social studies

Video and online practice: Grammar, Listening, reading




Nicos Weg:

Learn German! Videos, Online Practice

Listening, Reading



Follow David and Anna find answers about various topics around Germany! Videos, Audios, Online Worksheets

Listening, Reading, E-Learning



Ttravel through German history with Lucy and Tim! Videos, Quizzes, Glossary, Biographies, Crafts, recipes and book referrals for the time you pick!

Listening, Reading

Online Practice for: Grammar, Spelling Vocabulary, Reading, Listening


Topics: Vocabulary, Quizzes about Germany

free worksheets upon sign up

Video and online practice: Grammar, Listening, reading

Topics: Grammar, Vocabulary, Writing, Reading, Videos

Printable worksheets to many grammar topics with answer keys

Video: Learn German with Ida– Grammar, vocab and tips for living in Germany

Interactive Online Learning: Vocabulary


For our younger ones (KG to Elementary):


Travel around the world with Lucy and Tim! Interactive Website with games, lexicon and Facts about many countries.

Listening, Reading, Online-Quizzes

German TV for kids




Free Worksheets for Beginners in Reading and Writing!


Einfach vorlesen!

Time for a book! Read aloud stories

Deutsch mit Socke:

Learn some easy German phrases or how to count in German

printable colouring sheets

Focus: Math, German, Science

Interactive online practice

Audio Books read by German celebrities

printable worksheets with answer key

teaches vocabulary through videos and printable worksheets

Fix and Foxi shortfilm about environment

Check out toggo to watch informative Videos and more


Kanadisch-österreichische Sprach- und Kulturbegegnung! – Schäfchenradio (